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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Decerna has been performing LCA studies for longer than almost every UK consultancy, we started in 2010, whilst still a department of the National Renewable Energy Centre, prior to Decerna becoming an independent company.

We have published a range of articles and book chapters, these can be found below;

Unified approach to Life Cycle Assessment between three unique algae biofuel facilitiesApplied Energy2015
Microbial Lipid Production Protocol: Life Cycle Analysis of producing microbial lipids and biodiesel: comparison with plant lipidsElsevier2019
LCA4CCU: Guidelines for Life Cycle Assessment of carbon capture and utilisationEuropean Commission 2021
Comprehensive Renewable Energy (Second Edition): Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of algae biofuelsElsevier2022
Life Cycle Assessment of microalgae-derived biodieselInternational Journal of Life Cycle Assessment2023
LCA related publications by the Decerna team

For more information on our LCA services, check out our LCA service page, and our previous LCA projects.