Decarbonisation Quick Wins

An introduction to decarbonisation, followed by a deeper dive into achieving Quick Wins that businesses can implement; from low-cost, no-cost, up to £5,000. We will also touch on ‘going further’ with some renewable energy options, covering how they work and some of their pros and cons.

Learning Outcomes:

– Understand what decarbonisation is, and what is is not (emissions reduction vs. offsetting).

– Recap from Net Zero Journey session on emissions, scopes and steps to reach Net Zero. – Environmental benefits of decarbonisation.

– Commercial benefits of decarbonisation.

– How to measure and assess energy consumption.

– How to carry out a basic energy audit.

– How to identify energy waste and opportunities for decarbonisation.

– A comprehensive set of ‘Quick Wins’ for decarbonising a business.

– Introduction to renewables for business premises including solar PV, solar thermal and heat pumps.

– The pros and cons of specific renewable technologies.

Those looking for a comprehensive understanding of decarbonisation in a business should attend the full-day Decarbonisation Deep Dive Masterclass instead.