Decerna Group Launches BringAbout: A Beacon for SMEs on Their Net Zero Voyage

Photovoltaic solar panel system

Decerna Group, a global sustainability organisation birthed from the UK National Renewable Energy Centre a decade ago, proudly introduces BringAbout—a pioneering platform steering SMEs along their carbon reduction voyage.

In a world grappling with escalating climate change and soaring energy prices, the impetus for SMEs to initiate their Net Zero Journey has never been more critical. Among other driving factors are regulatory compliance, enhanced brand reputation, and consumer demand for eco-conscious practices.

With insightful resources and user-friendly software, BringAbout eases the passage to Net Zero, extending its offerings to UKSPF and commercial projects. The platform encapsulates a rich repository of information, factsheets, videos, and software, providing a holistic support system for carbon management.

This initiative reinforces Decerna’s steadfast commitment to transitioning society towards a low-carbon economy, representing a notable advancement in proactive carbon management.

As SMEs traverse the convoluted terrain of sustainability, BringAbout stands as a trustworthy ally, casting a light on the path towards a greener, more sustainable business horizon.

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