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Navigating the Path to Net Zero: A Testimonial of Tees Valley Net Zero Program

In today’s brisk business climate, prioritising sustainability isn’t merely a choice—it’s a necessity. Stuart Keegan, Hagen Developments Ltd, provides a commendation for BringAbout’s Net Zero webinars and masterclass, detailing their significant impact on his company’s sustainability efforts. Through expert guidance and user-friendly carbon reporting software, they efficiently formulated a bespoke Carbon Reduction Plan. Keegan’s commendation accentuates the practicality and effectiveness of BringAbout’s approach, particularly their decision to invest in smart heating and draft proofing for tangible emissions reductions and cost savings.

Attending the Net Zero webinars and masterclass offered by BringAbout was an invaluable experience for our company. Through their expert guidance and the use of their carbon reporting software, we were able to generate our first Carbon Reduction Plan efficiently. The consultation provided a personalised approach, addressing our specific needs and goals. Currently, we are in the process of adding smart heating and draft proofing to our buildings, a decision influenced by the insights gained from the sessions.

Keegan’s endorsement of the Tees Valley Net Zero programme speaks volumes about its effectiveness in steering businesses towards sustainability targets. By delivering clear, actionable insights, BringAbout empowers organisations to navigate the intricacies of sustainability with assurance. Their focus on personalised solutions ensures that businesses can tackle their specific needs and objectives with efficiency and efficacy.

This investment promises not only to significantly reduce our Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions but also to decrease our electricity costs. We highly recommend the Tees Valley Net Zero programme to any business looking to embark on their sustainability journey. 

BringAbout’s Net Zero initiatives offer more than mere educational resources—they serve as catalysts for substantial change. With a clear, concise approach and a focus on practical solutions, BringAbout equips businesses with the tools and knowledge needed to flourish in a sustainable future.