Tees Valley Net Zero News

Storelectric Accelerates Teesside’s Net Zero Transition

Wind farm and turbines in the north sea of the uk coastline generating power

Storelectric, a frontrunner in energy storage solutions, has expanded its operations into Teesside, marking a significant move in the region’s journey towards net zero emissions. Located within the Wilton Centre, Storelectric aims to catalyse collaboration and innovation within Teesside’s industrial landscape.

Specialising in customised energy storage solutions, Storelectric offers an alternative to traditional fossil fuel reliance, addressing the challenge of consistent green energy sources. Daren Smith, Project Director, highlights the importance of energy storage in Teesside’s decarbonisation efforts, emphasising Storelectric’s role in bridging the gap between suppliers and end-users.

Utilising Teesside’s industrial expertise and geological landscape, Storelectric repurposes underground salt caverns to store renewable energy in the form of compressed air. This strategic expansion underscores Storelectric’s commitment to driving Teesside towards a cleaner, resilient energy future.

By establishing a presence in Teesside, Storelectric not only strengthens its position as a leader in energy storage but also reinforces the region’s status as a hub for innovation and sustainability. Through partnerships and technological advancements, Storelectric is poised to accelerate Teesside’s transition to net zero, paving the way for a greener, more prosperous future.

Source: Storelectric establishes presence in Teesside to assist industry’s transition towards net zero (hartlepoolmail.co.uk)