County Durham

Targeted at manufacturing and engineering businesses across County Durham. Decerna can provide fully funded decarbonisation support or 40% funded comprehensive Net Zero consultancy.  


Decerna has committed to provide all businesses with a trading address within County Durham:   

  • BringAbout Premium  – Decerna’s Decarbonisation Planning Tool, a web-based tool that will generate a Carbon Reduction Plan (PPN 06/21 compliant). After 31 March 2025, subscriptions will deprecate to Basic, giving businesses the option to upgrade to Premium should they wish. Request a Call Back to claim your free BringAbout Premium subscription.
  • BringAbout Knowledge – Decerna’s factsheets and videos on various decarbonisation topics, such as Net Zero and the most common interventions and measures businesses can deploy to save energy. Start building your knowledge with our resources.

Fully funded

A limited number of businesses who apply via Durham Business Growth and are referred to Decerna for fully funded Decarbonisation Support:  

  • Webinars & Masterclasses – regular Introduction to Net Zero webinars, Emissions Reporting & Target Setting Webinar and Decarbonisation Quick Wins Masterclass. View our Events schedule and make a booking.
  • Net Zero Surgery Consultations – at least 3 hours of online consultations with Net Zero Advisors and Technical Specialists, supporting businesses to calculate their carbon footprint and produce a Carbon Reduction Plan (PPN 06/21) through BringAbout. Book your Consultation now.

For a select few who have completed a Carbon Reduction Plan, fully funded onsite support:  

  • Enhanced Decarbonisation Plan – a detailed techno-economic assessment of opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy measures (e.g. onsite energy audit).  

40% funded

Those who apply for fully funded support via Durham Business Growth may also apply for a Revenue Grant:  

  • Further comprehensive Net Zero supportis available from Decerna, to decarbonise your products with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Energy Audits for your buildings, which can be 40% funded through a Revenue Grant provided by the Durham Business Growth. The maximum available grant is £10,000 for £25,000 worth of consultancy support.  


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