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Net Zero

Everything your business needs for its Net Zero Journey

Tees Valley Net Zero has everything your business needs to develop a Net Zero strategy. Get fully funded consultancy support, alongside easy access to online tools and regular webinars and workshops.

Webinars & Workshops

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Get started with a convenient online Introduction to Net Zero and learn the basics of starting your journey.

Understand how emissions are measured and reported, setting science-based targets for reaching Net Zero through an Emissions Reporting & Target Setting session.

Attend our Energy Saving Masterclass for an introduction to decarbonisation, followed by a deeper dive into achieving Quick Wins that businesses can implement, from low-cost, no-cost, up to £5,000.

For a more in-depth look at the measures businesses can implement, such as renewable technologies and behavioural change. There is also a full-day Energy Efficiency Deep Dive Masterclass, covering aspects of the half-day Decarbonisation Quick Wins Masterclass in more depth.

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Factsheets & Videos

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Access free online resources to build your Net Zero knowledge. Discover factsheets and videos on a wide range of decarbonisation topics, including the most common interventions and measures you can implement to save energy in your business – from LED Lighting to Heat Recovery.

Use the Online Tool

Access a web-based tool to calculate and report carbon emissions, giving you insight and knowledge to set reduction targets for your business.

By signing up to Tees Valley Net Zero, you will get a fully funded BringAbout Premium account. This offers free access to additional features, including generating a Carbon Reduction Plan (PPN 06/21) and much more.

Your Premium subscription will be fully funded through the programme until 31 March 2025, after which you can still access the free basic subscription.

Book a Net Zero Consultation

Once you’re up and running on the online platform, our Net Zero Advisors and Technical Specialists can support you in calculating your carbon footprint, making your Carbon Reduction Plan a reality and kickstarting the decarbonisation of your business.

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Energy Audit

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For some businesses, an Enhanced Decarbonisation Plan may be suitable. This involves an on-site energy audit to give a detailed techno-economic assessment of opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.

Apply for a Grant

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Businesses who sign up could also receive a £2,000 grant towards implementing their carbon-saving activity. This is a simple online process in which an application is made against your commitment to your Carbon Reduction Plan.

Net Zero News

Discover articles connecting recent case studies with actionable resources, disseminating best practices locally. Stay informed with updates on local and national Net Zero current affairs, including Net Zero Teesside, and track relevant consultations and policy changes shaping the sustainability landscape.

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Delivered by Decerna, on behalf of Tees Valley Mayor and Combined Authority and is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.


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